Joint Staff Committee and Staffside Membership

Trade Unions and Professional Organisations represent and campaign on behalf of all groups of staff employed by the Trust. Regular campaigns are held in support and in defence of public services, improved pay and conditions as well as providing support and specialist advice to individual members.

East London NHS Foundation Trust has a formal recognition agreement with the trade unions and professional organisations listed below:

The Recognition agreement covers three main areas:

  • Negotiation
  • Consultation
  • Information 

Each of the recognised organisations have representatives who meet with Trust managers at the bi-monthly Joint Staff Committee. The representatives who attend this meeting play an important role in influencing decisions and actions affecting all trust employees, service users and visitors.

Staffside representatives sit on the Policies Sub-Committee to ensure that policies are fair and not detrimental to staff.

Local Union Representatives

Staffside Officers

Mark Dunne, Chair, Mark.dunne@nhs.net

Frank Mensah, Vice Chair, Frank.mensah@nhs.net

John Peers, Secretary, John.peers2@nhs.net

Carla Lewington, Staffside Lead Bedford & Luton  Carla.lewington@nhs.net

 Unite the Union

Branch Secretary

Mark Dunne, Mark.dunne@nhs.net


Royal College of Nursing

 London: Stewart Crawford Stewart.crawford@nhs.net

Bedford & Luton Carla Lewington Carla.lewington@nhs.net



Abiola Cole, Branch Secretary, abiola.cole@nhs.net


The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SCP)

Marie Parchment marieparchment@nhs.net











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