►  Staff and manager set the date for the appraisal meeting (minimum 10 days notice)

► Both parties prepare for the appraisal meeting and pre-populate the Appraisal form

► Appraisal meetings held - ELFT Appraisal Form 2021 agreed and completed IN FULL

► An online (view only) copy of the appraisal can be accessed by the appraisee and appraiser via your Intranet Profile, select: My Account and Settings/ My Forms

► Appraisal completion date to be entered on ESR by 31 October 2021

► Interim Reviews held. To be completed by 31 December 2021

Supporting documents

ELFT Appraisal Form 2021

Managers Appraisal Communication (13.04.21)

ELFT Appraisal Guidance March 2021

Special Circumstances in Appraisal 2021

Appraisal Do's and Don'ts Tips for managers

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