Improving Your English and Maths at ELFT

There are a range of ways that you can brush up your writing, reading and mathematical skills. Many of us are late developers, had other distractions in our school days or simply didn't click with the education system we were part of. You can't help that but you can ensure that you do not lose out any further.

How Improving Your English and Maths Can Benefit You
These skills are the foundation on which all other essential skills and abilities are built and they open the door to a wide range of career development opportunities. Employers look for staff who are comfortable using numbers and can read, write, spell, listen, speak to a required standard, as well as being able to change or modify their skills when the situation requires it. You can provide better care to the community and be a fully participating member of the team.

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What do Learners Say?

Functional Skills Feedback

City and Guilds Functional Skills

Numeracy Skills

Learning Resources

If you already have English & Maths at GCSE A- C (4) or Level 2 equivalents, then you might be interested in refreshing your skills and exploring the wide variety of free Learning Resources available to you.
Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for a full list. Alternately, please feel free to contact to discuss

Eligibility Requirements

The Maths and English Functional Skills training courses are funded by the government and available to you at no cost, so long as you meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • Participants must be aged 19 years or above
  • Participants must not have a recent level 2 qualification in English or Maths already
  • Participant should have ‘access to public funds’. Evidence to demonstrate this could be a British or European
  • Passport/identity Card, or Home Office Papers or a visa stating leave to remain for the duration of the course

Colleges may have other requirements which they will share with you when you apply for the course but all are keen to support all health and care staff to join this programme so will exhaust every avenue to fund a place on the course before advising they are unable to fund a participant

Free Resources

Click this link to Download a selection of free videos, e-learning activities and downloadable worksheets to help adult learners improve their reading, writing and numeracy skills:

BBC Bitesize - Wonderful learning activities for all age ranges

BBC Skillswise - Adult learner focused English & Maths

Past Exam Papers - English & Maths (All Levels)

Functional Maths - E-learning

National Numeracy Trust
Maths is Everywhere

There are many more English & Maths resources available, so please feel free to contact to discuss.

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