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Your stories

Your stories

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Here is a small sample of feedback from clients who have completed therapy. (Client and therapist names removed for confidentiality reasons).

Client Feedback


“Initially, I was apprehensive about coming to group therapy, However, after the course, I feel I am empowered to win. It’s been a good course delivered professionally. Thank you”


“This CBT group has really helped me to have a better outlook on life and has lifted my mood and helped me think positively over all my experiences. Has been very good”


“It is positive that group sessions like this exist and it has really helped me explore my issues”


“Polite, friendly, respectable, approachable, understanding, helpful, trustworthy, supportive. I began therapy by talking about myself. I felt my therapist actively listened to me, was polite, respectful and yet challenged me to open up. He provided relevant examples for me to reflect upon during our conversations. He has helped me tremendously to identify what I need to do to help myself, how to understand myself and how to manage myself. I am ok now and I am better equipped to manage. I am glad he was my therapist”


“The worry group has been a great learning experience. It was good to understand types of worries and why I feel the way I do. It was also nice to have a therapist who listens to your feelings and doesn’t make you feel silly for feeling that way”


“Very happy with the service provided and with the help and guidance given by my therapist. He also gave the option of calling the office if I was unsure of anything and gave some great extra advice on the therapy blueprint”


“Thank you for all your support and kindness, you have been a great help. The time spent at wellbeing has been amazing for my anxiety and worry issue, thank you again!”


“The service provided was excellent, it changed my life. If I ever needed them again, this is the place to come”


“The reception staff are friendly and helpful. The therapist went above and beyond in addressing my issues and provided me with the tools to combat my situations and fears. Overall the whole experience was 10/10”


“My life has definitely taken a turn for the better. I am optimistic for the first time in ages”


“I found it helped me understand the feelings and emotions I was feeling, which gave me control to try and stop/change them to make my life better and easier”


“Very good service and experience. Benefited a lot. Will recommend to family and friends. Thanks”