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17 August 2022

Partnership With Care Opinion Aims to Increase Feedback About Services

From today, people who receive our services will be able to provide feedback on their experience on the Care Opinion patient feedback platform. This will enable us to review what is working well, where there could be improvements and respond to it.
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Gathering Feedback

The Trust currently gathers such feedback in a range of ways - through service user surveys, compliments, complaints, the NHS Choices website, social media - to name but a few. It is anticipated that this partnership with Care Opinion will increase the feedback we get about our services. People can post anonymously if they prefer to or state their name so that they can be contacted for a fuller explanation or further involvement if they want this. People can still contact the Trust in via existing channels if they prefer.

Sharon Eplett, Head of Quality & Performance in Bedfordshire Community Health Services, is excited about the potential of this feedback option. She said, “The use of Care Opinion will allow service users to share their experiences to improve them for everyone. It will also demonstrate that as an organisation we are transparent, accountable and want to understand how it feels to use our services.“

Paul Binfield, Director of People Participation, urges people to share their experiences. He said, “Feedback on your experiences is vital. We need to understand the whole spectrum of experience and satisfaction in order to improve. Please share yours with us so we can learn. “

Responding to Feedback

Care Opinion is an independent not-for-profit platform that is used widely by health and social care organisations across the UK.  Similar to Trip Advisor or Trust Pilot used in the hospitality industry, it allows patients, service users, families and carers to comment or make observations for others to see. It enables people to commend good care, comment on ways to improve the person's journey and flag any issues. The Trust can then respond individually to the posted comments. 

Supporting Co-production

The feedback will help us to adapt and shape our services to improve them and enable true co-production. The platform is moderated and comments published. 
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