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Get Involved - People Participation

What is People Participation all about?

People Participation is about empowering our parents, carers, and service users to have a say in how we run our services.

We value the unique experience and knowledge that our parents, carers, and service users have, and we recognise that your contributions are invaluable when planning service developments. To improve quality, we must listen to our service user voice and work together to make sure your needs are being met.

    We call this co-production and here’s what it can look like in practice:
    • Parents, carers, and service users engage with services to collaborate on the production and delivery of projects. These projects can be service driven or service user/carer driven.
    • People participation is evident at all stages in service planning, delivery, and improvement.
    • Collaboration is meaningful and not tokenistic. Participants are assigned responsibilities and compensated for their contributions (for more information please see our Service User and Carer Reward and Recognition Policy).
    • Participants are informed of continuing developments and final outcomes of their co-produced projects.

    OK, so why is People Participation important?

    People Participation is a bridge between the service and those we provide care for. Through participation, communication with our families improves, gaps in our care are identified, and solutions are put in place. Participation is also important for our staff to maintain and build upon the standards our families feel they deliver well.

    There are a vast range of opportunities for our parents, carers, and service users to participate in. This could look like:

    • Recruitment: help us choose and train the staff you want to see working in the service.
    • Feedback & Consultation: share your opinions on what needs to be improved and feedback good practice.
    • Quality Assurance: participate in service user led accreditation of our teams.
    • Quality Improvement: help us develop initiatives to improve service quality and accessibility.

      Sounds good! How do I get involved?

      If you are a SCYPS service user or a parent/carer of a child using SCYPS services, you can get involved by registering your interest via the link below.

      For further information you can contact our SCYPS People Participation Team via

      Alternatively, contact our People Participation Worker, Rachel Osbourne, on 07920 782240.

      Join our People Participation User Group

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