ELFT Recruitment Fair

21/02/2018 16:25:00
Visit our Recruitment Fair on Thursday 1st March
at the Education Centre, Homerton University
Hospital, Homerton Row, Hackney E9 6SR
between 10am and 4pm

Alex's Story, Children's Mental Health Week

14/02/2018 15:16:00
For many months I struggled in silence, dealing with a combination of family and school issues as well as the way I viewed myself. I developed anxiety and began self harming as a result. I didn't know...

Sham's story for Children's Mental Health week

09/02/2018 16:43:00
Mental illness is a part of my life and I want to raise awareness for others with mental illness. I don't believe I have anything to be ashamed of.I want someone to look at me and say 'because of you,...

Katie's Story - Children's mental health week

09/02/2018 16:42:00
 Katie was referred to CAMHS at age 14 suffering with Anorexia, she soon meet Annabelle, a CAMHS nurse who inspired her and made her feel hopeful. Anabelle reminded her that all was possible.


09/02/2018 11:36:00

Being Ourselves - Children's Mental Health Week

06/02/2018 09:48:00
Children’s Mental Health Week is encouraging children, young people and adults to celebrate their uniqueness in a campaign focused on ‘Being Ourselves’. Some children and young peopl...

Young Minds Yoga

01/02/2018 17:31:00
A Community Support Worker with CAMHS in Bedfordshire has delivered a starring role in a video promoting a mental health project supporting young people. Gemma Douthwaite was filmed talking about the ...

Safeguarding Children

26/01/2018 10:37:00

East London NHS Foundation Trust is committed to Thinking Family which entails putting the needs of child and adult service users, carers and their families at the heart of everything we do. We aim...

Make Time to Talk

25/01/2018 17:46:00
Time to Talk is a national campaign that aims to get people talking naturally and comfortably about mental health issues.


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