Dr Navina Evans on Leadership and Equality

07/12/2018 16:18:00
Effective leadership and how to safeguard equality in the workplace are some of the themes Chief Executive Dr Navina Evans discusses in the latest issue of Healthcare Leader magazine. 

Successful Dementia Training Event

03/12/2018 17:08:00
One of the country’s leading experts in dementia care was keynote speaker at a successful seminar organised for GPs and nurses in Bedfordshire.

Thought-Provoking Partnership Conference

20/11/2018 17:31:00
Renowned speakers and delegates from across the country have taken part in a thought-provoking conference held to explore and challenge a key issue in mental health care.

About THRC

20/11/2018 15:35:00
All our courses are co-produced, co-designed, co-delivered and coreceived.


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