Falls Prevention Clinic

Day Hospital
East Ham Care Centre,
Shrewsbury Road,
East Ham,
London  E7 8QP

The Falls Prevention Clinic (FPC) is an integrated Consultant led multidisciplinary service whose aim is to investigate the causes of falls, reduce its incidence and also of injury following falling. The multidisciplinary team consists of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and administrative staff members. The Service is aimed at patients who must be 65 years and over, a resident of Newham and be registered with a Newham GP. They must also have/ had 1 or more falls over the past 6 months.
The multidisciplinary team carries out a holistic falls assessment and formulates the appropriate care treatment and rehabilitation programme in agreement with the patient.
Falls prevention services also promote awareness of contributory fall risk factors by providing health awareness programmes on lifestyle and activities for healthy ageing.
The Falls Prevention Clinic operates an open referral policy.

Open referral system