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Bedford Memory Assessment

Who we are

The Memory Assessment Service aims to meet the needs of people who are concerned that they may have a significant memory problem. The initial stage will be to assess and diagnose the nature of the person’s memory difficulties, report this to their GP and advise on further treatment or support.

The team is made up of specialist doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and psychologists. The team will continue to be involved after diagnosis, when appropriate, and can offer information, advice and support to the person with memory problems and their family.

Self referrals to this service are not accepted as it is vital that physical health checks are completed initially.  Referrals are accepted from any health and social care professional.

Research - https://www.joindementiaresearch.nihr.ac.uk/
Medication /Further Information  - https://dementiapartnerships.com/resource/alzheimers-and-dementia-resources
Age Concern  - http://ageconcernluton.org.uk/about-age-concern-luton/
Alzheimer's Society - https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/ 

Memory navigation service- https://www.carersinbeds.org.uk/.../memory-navigation-service


Clinical speciality:

Mental Health Older Adults & Dementia