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Learning Disabilities Intensive Support Team (Bedfordshire)

Who we are

The Service for People with Learning Disabilities (SPLD) Intensive Support Team (IST) provides a 24-hour crisis service as well as community-based services to people who have a learning disability and are 18 years and over, living within Bedfordshire and Luton, who are experiencing a mental health or challenging behaviour crisis requiring urgent assessment and treatment.

The IST is committed to providing assessment, treatment and support to individuals in a safe and least restrictive environment, with as little impact on their daily lives as possible. Where necessary, admission to hospital will be supported by the service, to ensure continuity of care and appropriate interventions are provided in a timely manner.

We have an inpatient serviced called The Coppice as well as the IST community support team.

Where possible the service is provided in the individual’s own home, with the intention of minimising the need for admission. Where the level of risk is such that hospital admission is required, the IST can assist in minimising inpatient stays by helping with early discharge and supporting people back into the community.

Support is given through:

  • Advice
  • Multi-disciplinary Team interventions    
  • Assessment
  • Practical support
  • Short-term treatment
  • Staff training to the current care provider

The team offers a range of services in partnership with patients, carers and staff. The aim is to bring about positive changes, reduce hospital admissions, reduce challenging behaviour and enable the patient to resume their daily life.




Self-referrals are accepted for this service. We also accept crisis referrals over the phone on 01234 310538. This line is staffed 24 hrs a day. 

Download the Self-referral form here



Learning Disabilities

Clinical speciality:

Adult Mental Health Service

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