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Luton Wellbeing Service
Trend House,
Dallow Road, Bedfordshire Luton  LU1 1LY


0300 555 4152

Opening hours

8am - 5pm, Monday and Friday
8am - 8pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Luton Wellbeing Service

Who we are

This service is no longer provided by East London NHS Foundation Trust.

From 3 April, the service will be provided by Turning Point and will be known at Total Wellbeing Luton.







There are many different problems that can affect your quality of life: Low mood, Stress, Health concerns, Low confidence, Anxiety, OCD, Panic attacks, Agoraphobia, Bereavement, Post traumatic stress, Phobias, Anger, Long term health problem




Low mood

Clinical speciality:

Adult Mental Health Service

Frequently asked questions

Can you visit me in my home?

No we do not provide home visits, but we can provide  support via the telephone or Skype. It may also be important for you to attend the centre for treatment within a group setting.

What about confidentiality?

The confidentiality policy is the same as it is with your GP, unless we are concerned that you or someone else is at risk of harm. We also work directly with a number of partner agencies who also provide a range of psychological therapies eg. Counselling.  Following your telephone triage or assessment with your therapist , you will be involved in a discussion on the best treatment option for your needs. If this involves your referral being passed onto a partner organisation , then the information from your consultation will be passed onto the partner agency, who also will be bound by professional confidentiality policies.

We also keep your GP informed to ensure those who provide your care are working together.

Will my work find out?

No. We do not contact anyone apart from you and your GP about your care.

I’m an asylum seeker, can you help me?

Yes. So long  as you either have a GP or live in Luton we can see you for therapy.

What if I don’t speak English?

We have a number of therapists who speak languages other than English, who we can sometimes match you with. If we cannot do this, we will arrange to use an interpreter.

We also have a range of materials in a number of different languages.

Are there lots of forms to fill in?

No. At the beginning of each session there is a short questionnaire to fill out. This covers a range of topics which might be affecting how you are feeling. These help us to keep track of how you are feeling and mean that our therapy sessions can be more focused on what you bring to the session. If you find filling in forms difficult you can either have a copy of the questionnaire to fill in during your own time or your therapist can help you on the day.

What if something comes up and I can’t make the appointment?

If you are unable to make your appointment, it is important that you contact  the service as soon as possible, to cancel the appointment. A new appointment can then be made for you.

How will you contact me?

We can use phone, text, email and letter to contact you and will ask you which your preferred methods are when we first speak with you.

We will also make a note on the system if we are allowed to leave messages for you on your phone. This is to ensure confidentiality.

I work 9-5, how do I get help?

We are a flexible service and are able to offer appointments on a Tuesday and Thursday evening up till 8.00pm. We are also able to offer early morning appointments at 8.00am during the week.

I’m a relative, what can I do?

We cannot take referrals from relatives due to confidentiality. We also find therapy works best if the individual feels ready to seek help themselves. We suggest you direct your relative to this website so they can see what is available.