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Bedford Recovery Service

Who we are

Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) are multi-disciplinary assessment teams which provide mental health care and treatment for those adults with more complex and enduring mental health needs, who can benefit from specialist support. The CMHTs also provide treatment and care for those with time-limited disorders who, it is felt, may benefit from specialist support. 

The teams provide care and treatment to people in the community who are experiencing mental health difficulties,   promoting  positive mental health and independence. This ensures improved access to appropriate support services and resources, supporting timely discharge from hospital and reducing the need for hospital admission.

The key aims of the CMHT are to:

  • Improve engagement with a range of community services including mainstream leisure and vocational services in order to promote positive relationships with patients and carers
  • promote stability within the lives of patients and their carers
  • Promote social functioning and quality of life for patients by working to keep people at home, hence promoting the principles of recovery and social inclusion
  • Offer meaningful engagement with patients and promote recovery
  • Give advice on the management of mental health problems by other professionals in particular advice to GPs
  • Provide treatment and care for those with time limited disorders who can benefit from specialist support
  • Provide treatment and care for those with more complex and enduring needs
  • Safeguard vulnerable adults and children from all forms of abuse and to preserve the rights and choices of individuals to take positive risks.

Self-referrals to this service are not accepted. Referrals accepted from one of the following: GP, Healthcare professional, Mental health services or Social services



Clinical speciality:

Adult Mental Health Service

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