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Royal London Hospital - 6th floor,
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Paediatric Liaison Team

Who we are

The Paediatric Liaison Team (PLT) works with children and young people aged 0-17, as well as their families and carers. We offer support to manage the emotional impact of living with a health condition. Our work includes assessment and intervention for:

• Health problems with an impact on emotional wellbeing
• Physical health problems with a psychological component
• Psychological assessment
• Psychiatric assessment
• Neuropsychological assessment
• Adjustment to illness
• Pain management
• Adherence to treatment
• Consultation to health professionals and teams

The team is based within the hospital on Level 6 and covers all clinical areas including the A&E department, all paediatric inpatient wards and also outpatients. The following professionals form the PLT: clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, a social worker and a bilingual co-worker.

Referrals from doctors, nurses and other professionals working at the Royal London Hospital



Genetic conditions
Malignant disease
Neurological conditions
Physical disability

Clinical speciality:

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services
Child Health Service