Appleby Health Centre

Appleby Health Centre
63 Appleby Road,
Canning Town,

London  E16 1LQ

The Phlebotomy service aims to plan and implement a robust system in ensuring successful samples of blood are taken for analysis towards achieving a diagnosis and package of care for people who have been referred through the GP or acute services.

It provides easier access and a seamless service for patients.

The walk in service, early morning sessions and weekend opening aid in ensuring wider choice and flexibility is given to the client without delay.

This suits the needs of the local transitional population allowing the GP or specialists to gain results and create care plans in shorter time scales. 

Blood taking and analysis for diagnosis purposes and care packages for clients referred by GP or acute services.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday  08.00 – last ticket 12.30 p.m. This is a walk in service operated on a ticket system.

Excludes Bank Holidays

This is a walk in service operated on a ticket system.
There is a dedicated diabetic phlebotomy room at Shrewsbury Rd HC.
Excludes Bank Holidays.

GPs or acute services


Clinical speciality:

Community Health Services