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1st floor Beaumont House,
Mile End Hospital, 275 Bancroft Road, London  E1 4DG


020 8121 5348

Blood Borne Virus Team

Who we are

Specialist Addiction Services - Adult

A nurse team providing a harm reduction healthcare service as a satellite in 10 voluntary and statutory drug and alcohol services in Tower Hamlets and City & Hackney. The team deals with
- Safer drug and injecting advice,
- Testing for Hepatitis B, C and HIV,
- Vaccinations (Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Influenza & Tetanus),
- Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections,
- Emergency contraception and pregnancy testing,
- Screening for TB,
- Cervical cytology (smears),
- Assessment for other general health problems and referral to appropriate agencies,
- Monitoring of Hepatitis, HIV and liver disease,
- Treatment for Hepatitis B and C and HIV through joint clinics,
- Screening and monitoring for alcohol related health problems including liver disease


Clinical speciality:

Substance Misuse and Addiction Service