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Tower Hamlets Centre for Mental Health
Mile End Hospital,
Robinson Centre , Bancroft Road , London   E1 4DG


020 8121 5001

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24 hour service

Tower Hamlets Centre for Mental Health

Who we are

The Tower Hamlets Centre for Mental Health at the Mile End Hospital site. It can be accessed via the Main Entrance. The entrance to the mental health unit is half way along the main corridor on the right hand side. 

The unit provides a wide range of services available for people who require inpatient support and care for mental health problems or a mental health crisis. The unit aims to provide short and focused admissions in a 24 hour, seven day a week supportive and safe environment.

We work closely with external organisations, stakeholders, statutory and non-statutory agencies which are there to support the patients on their journey to recovery.

As an inpatient care provider, the service focuses on the needs of the individual and provides care that is individualised and promotes recovery and inclusion.

Where possible, we will try to find alternatives to hospital admission and have a Home Treatment Team who can support and individual and their family where they live. We also have a Crisis Hostel which provide support to individuals in a non-hospital setting.

The individual's Consultant Psychiatrist will liaise with the service user, family, GP, healthcare and social care staff, the police and anyone who is involved in supporting the service user when a hospital admission is required.

The unit provides treatment, care and support to people with severe mental health issues

When someone is admitted onto one of our wards, it is important that families and friends continue to support them.

It is a good idea to telephone the ward first to find out the visiting times and when is a good time to visit the person.

Our visiting times are usually from 2pm-8pm. But if you are coming a long way or will not be able to visit during those times, contact the ward manager. They will try to accommodate your needs.

Service users will appreciate small gifts, treats and items that they can use when in hospital. But mostly they will appreciate a conversation with you and news from the outside world.

Because we have to ensure our wards are safe and healthy, there are a number of items that you cannot bring onto our wards.

Click here for everything you need to know when visiting someone on one of the wards in the unit.



Severe symptoms of mental illness

Clinical speciality:

Adult Mental Health Service