Chronic Fatigue Service

Block A St Leonards Hospital , Nuttall Street, LONDON

The Chronic Fatigue Service based at St Leonard’s Hospital in Hackney is one of the largest such services in the UK. Formerly based at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, the Chronic Fatigue Service is provided jointly by East London Foundation Trust and Barts Health NHS Trust. The service celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009.
The Chronic Fatigue Service provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary out-patient service for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, (CFS) sometimes known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), people suffering from fibromyalgia (chronic widespread pain), and people with fatigue secondary to another medical condition.

Our Approach

We believe that the best care possible follows on from us:

  • Making an accurate diagnosis;
  • Assessing the patient using an integrated approach; and then,
  • Deciding with the patient, the approach that has the best opportunity of improving their health.
    A thorough assessment involves the GP providing appropriate blood tests and other tests to ensure there is no other possible cause for ill health. Our medical staff will provide a full physical examination of our patients, take a full history of their illness including an assessment of sleep, possible stresses, and of their fears feelings and beliefs regarding their condition which may be affecting them.
    A strength of our service lies in the multi-disciplinary expertise available. Possible treatments available include: specialist medical care + guided self-help, referral to occupational therapy, physiotherapy, clinical psychology, or participation in one of the group programmes available 

What outcomes can I expect from the Service?

We have found that approximately three-quarters of our patients with Chronic Fatigue significantly improve or recover with treatment in our clinic. Research has suggested that a quarter recover and half significantly improve. For some people, recovery may Not mean a return to previous lifestyles, if this contributed to them becoming ill in the first place.

You can refer using email or letter. This service is not available on choose and book at present.
Chronic Fatigue Service
St Leonards Hospital
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Chronic Fatigue

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