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Integrated Occupational Therapy - Community

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Occupational Therapists, also known as OTs, work with patients who are 18 and over who may have a condition which affects their daily life and activities.  These conditions may include arthritis, cancer, neurological conditions, falls, stroke disease and fractures. The OT will work with a patient to improve their level of safety and independence when carrying out the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that are important to them.


The Occupational Therapist will assess a patient, identify with the patients where an intervention would be of benefit, and agree on goals or outcomes which they will work towards.  The OT may be required to provide “rehabilitation” support.  This could include working with a patient to improve their independence with toileting, bathing, kitchen skills or accessing social activities and employment.


Aids and Adaptations for your home

In many situations the patient will require equipment or adaptations to enable them to either become independent in a task or to reduce the risk of injury when undertaking their daily activities.  This may include the provision of simple equipment to assist a patient to use a toilet or wash independently or safely.


In some cases a patient will require more complex intervention, for example,  a ramp may be required for wheelchair access, washing facilities may require to be adapted or a stair lift may be required.  The occupational therapist will recommend appropriate interventions to improve safety.


More information is available on the Tower Hamlets council website here


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