Luton ECT Suite
Calnwood Road,
Bedfordshire Luton  LU4 0FB


01582 657563 (Monday & Thursday mornings)

ECT service - Bedfordshire and Luton

Who we are

The service accepts adult patients from the Bedfordshire and Luton catchment areas requiring electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) and is accredited by ECTAS (Accreditation service)

The service offers:

  • An inclusive service  delivering safe and effective ECT treatment
  • Caring and supportive multi-disciplinary team
  • Active involvement of  patient, family and carers
  • ECT suite orientation visit for patients, staff and carers
  • Pre-ECT anaesthetic & psychiatric assessments
  • Adherence to nationally accredited ECTAS standards
  • Sensitive approach to ethnic, cultural &religious issues
  • ECT Interventions recorded on RIO
  • Liaison with referring team, wards, care co-ordinators and GPs 

The service is led by a senior ECT consultant, a senior deputy ECT consultant and an ECT manager. There is a service level agreement in place for the services of a senior lead consultant anaesthetist and an operating department practitioner (ODP).