ECT service

Bedfordshire and Luton

Luton ECT Suite
Calnwood Road,
Luton  LU4 0FB

The service accepts adult patients from the Bedfordshire and Luton catchment areas requiring electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) and is accredited by ECTAS (Accreditation service)

The service offers:

·         An inclusive service  delivering safe and effective ECT treatment

·         Caring and supportive multi-disciplinary team

·         Active involvement of  patient, family and carers

·         ECT suite orientation visit for patients, staff and carers

·         Pre-ECT anaesthetic & psychiatric assessments

·         Adherence to nationally accredited ECTAS standards

·         Sensitive approach to ethnic, cultural &religious issues

·         ECT Interventions recorded on RIO

·         Liaison with referring team, wards, care co-ordinators and GPs 


The service is led by a senior ECT consultant, a senior deputy ECT

consultant and an ECT manager

There is a service level agreement in place for the services of a senior lead consultant anaesthetist and an operating department practitioner (ODP).



ECT referrals must be completed by the referring consultant and emailed to the Luton ECT Inbox.

Please contact the for referral guidance