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Cedar Lodge - City & Hackney

Who we are

Please note that from 10 April Cedar Lodge in City and Hackney will move to Thames Ward in Mile End Hospital. Click here for Thames Ward service page. 

 Inpatient Continuing Care with 15 beds - Older People 

Cedar Lodge is an NHS continuing care for older people with advanced dementia who cannot be cared for at home or in a care home setting.

The team provides personalised care tailored to the specific physical and mental health needs of the individual preserving their dignity. A key value is to treat everyone with kindness and a smile, understanding that the world can seem a frightening place if you are confused and communication is difficult.

Please contact the ward and discuss potential admissions with the ward Consultant

All inpatients have a thorough assessment of their care needs and risk. This leads to the development of a comprehensive care plan focusing on their specific needs and issues.

Our aim is to provide a soothing and calming setting so that patients feel relaxed and safe. Patients can access occupational and arts therapies to experience activities which they can enjoy. Familiar music can be soothing, and the use of familiar smells and textures can bring comfort.

As staff develop a relationship with the patient, they come to know the likes, dislikes and preferences of the individual so that they can become expert in the supporting them.

A key part of their work of the unit is to support families and carers.


The ward has a multi-disciplinary team including mental health nurses, clinical support workers, a consultant psychiatrist and medical staff.




Clinical speciality:

Mental Health Older Adults & Dementia