Bedfordshire Complex Care Team

The service operates Monday to Friday between 8.30am-5pm.

The Complex Care Team provide support to residents in care homes  who are unwell with a minor illness or injury. The team also support residents in care homes after discharge from hospital and new admissions to the care homes.

The Complex Care Team is part of Bedfordshire Community Health Services (BCHS) and provides a service to residents in the North and Mid localities. 

The team comprises of experienced nurses and senior pharmacists, with up-to-date evidence-based knowledge and skills, supported by a highly-skilled administration team.

The aim of the service is to empower care staff to improve the quality of care provided to residents and to avoid inappropriate emergency admissions to hospital.

Daily contact is made with care homes and  clinical support and advice is offered with face-to-face assessments by the nurse or pharmacist is given as appropriate.


Resources for professionals:

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Referrals are only accepted from GPs and care providers.