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Hackney Early Detection Service (HEADS UP)

Who we are

HEADS UP is an NHS service for young people aged 18 to 35 living in the City of London & London Borough of Hackney who may have concerns about their mental health. It is is an Early Detection Service for young people who might be at risk of developing psychosis.

HEADS UP is a small team comprised of a mental health nurse, psychologists, and psychiatrists who also work under the EQUIP service (Early Intervention in Psychosis). Our aim is to support young people getting their lives back on track.

Changes in thoughts, feelings, how one sees the world, or having new experiences can be confusing and distressing, but are not as uncommon as people may think and can be caused by a variety of reasons. They may be related to using drugs or alcohol, be symptoms of a physical illness, or a result of adjusting to a new environment or stress.

Heads Up is offered for up to 2 years and is a place to find specialist assessment, information, expert advice, and support with moving forwards.

Sometimes these changes could also be early symptoms of a mental health problem.

These experiences could be:

feeling anxious, irritable or depressed
disturbed patterns of sleeping or eating 
confused or muddled thinking 
noticing that things and people seem strange and unreal
being preoccupied with particular ideas or thoughts
Unusual experiences such as seeing or hearing things
preferring to spend time alone, away from family and friends
struggling to cope at college or work.

HEADS UP was set up for people who are having or have had these experiences and is a place people can find expert advice, support and information on what they might be the cause of these experiences.

Professionals wishing to make a referral can do so by downloading the Referral form (see panel on the right)  and sending to the email address provided at the top of the form. 

Unfortunately we do not take self referrals. If you are wishing to self refer then please speak to your GP who can refer via the City & Hackney Primary Care Mental Health Liaison Service (formerly CHAMHRAS & Primary care Liaison).




Clinical speciality:

Adult Mental Health Service

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