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Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) - Bedfordshire and Luton

Who we are

Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) is a nationally recognised mentoring programme for high intensity service users who come into frequent contact with healthcare and emergency services.

The SIM Project Team includes a mental health lead nurse and police officer, working together to provide support for people with complex mental health needs.

The support offered to service users under the SIM Project is based on a mentoring model of coaching and support to develop coping skills to manage with their mental health needs.

The team also works closely with colleagues within healthcare and emergency services to support them is responding the needs of service users under the SIM Project.

SIM brings together police officers who are passionate about mental health, high intensity behaviour, risk management and basic clinical theory, to work alongside mental health colleagues 

The officer has an NHS honorary contract and is embedded in the local Mental Health Hub to assist with the clinical and risk management of the most challenging cases.

This multi-dimensional team, working intensively with the service users, agree upon care and response plans and, over time, gradually help prevent high intensity behaviour.  The plan enables the service user to adapt more consistent and healthy coping strategies.

With consistent support SIM can drastically reduce crisis calls and other high risk events including police deployments, ambulance callouts, Emergency Department attendances and mental health bed admissions. 

SIM helps high intensity users engage with their local services more appropriately.  It can also assist service users to avoid criminal outcomes and ending up in court.


Clinical speciality:

Adult Mental Health Service