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Mental Health Support Team - Bedford

Who we are

Mental Health Support Team (MHST) is part of the government initiative to provide early access to support for children and young people experiencing mild to moderate difficulties in their education setting. Our team is embedded in 18 primary and secondary schools across Bedford.

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Please note for a referral to our team children and young people have to be attending one of our allocated schools. Referrals can only be made through schools SENCO or head of year.

We work closely with school leads to offer advice and signposting. If you think your child would benefit from support from our team please talk to your school SENDCO or head of year.

MHST is designed to help meet the mental health needs of children and young people in their educational settings.

The team is made up of CAMHS practitioners and Education Mental Health Practitioners.

There are three core functions to the MHST.

  1. Provide evidence-based treatment options for children and young people (5-18years) with mild to moderate mental health difficulties. These are delivered through 1:1 and group settings.
  2. Support school staff to develop a whole-school approach to mental health
  3. Giving timely advice to school staff and liaising with external agencies to ensure children and young people get the right help and stay in education

Our team aims to provide early access to support early to prevent problems escalating and maximise positive chances for children and young people. Support is given in the form of evidence-based, goal-focused, guided self-help.

MHST’s focus on mild to moderate mental health difficulties – This covers low-level anxiety, low mood, or behavioural difficulties. Symptoms are beginning to have a small impact on daily life.

The team are based in school to provide easy access and minimise the time taken outside education to seek more specialist support. Showing young people they can access help and support without feeling differentiated from their peers.



Low mood

Clinical speciality:

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services
Young People Services

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