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Clozapine Clinic

Who we are

Psychiatric Outpatient Care - Adult

The Clinic Nurse Manager, Staff Nurse and Bi-lingual Support Worker/Phlebotomist provide cardiovascular observation, Clozapine side effect monitoring, brief assessment of mental health and diabetes screening. They also provide healthy living advice and support to service users and carers. The clinic team provides training/education on Clozapine to all local care co-ordination teams, wards and housing projects. The Clinic Manager also provides training on the Trust's medicines management training days. Clinic days are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week and service users are seen by appointment. Arrangements can be made to see service users on Mondays,Thursdays and Fridays if this is more convenient..
A referral to the Clozapine Clinic from a Consultant Psychiatrist is required before any service users can be registered with the Clozapine monitoring service.




Clinical speciality:

Adult Mental Health Service