City & Hackney Dementia Service

Felstead Street Clinic, Unit 1, Ground Floor,
30 Felstead Street,
Hackney Wick,
London  E9 5LG

The City & Hackney Dementia Service (CHDS) is an integrated mental health and social services team which provides psychiatric and social needs assessment, intervention and treatment. The CHDS aims to provide a high quality service to older people with mental health problems by engaging and supporting service users, their carers and families.

The service is multi-disciplinary, staffed by community mental health nurses, social workers, an occupational therapist, psychologists, psychiatrists and support workers.

The CHDS operates a Single Point of Entry for ALL referrals to Mental Health Services for Older People.

Via GPs, District Nurses, Health Visitors, Social Workers
The service user will be contacted within 6 weeks of receipt of the referral.

Organic neurodegenerative disorders, for example suspected dementia or mild cognitive impairment.

Please exclude mood disorder, or significant ongoing drug or alcohol misuse.

Please contact the service to discuss if clarification is required.

The City & Hackney Dementia Service (CHDS) aims to provide a diagnostic service that holds patients from diagnosis to death, or out of borough placement, and ensures everyone living with dementia has a timely diagnosis, with greater access to help, advice and support for them and their carers. It ensures that everyone diagnosed with dementia is accounted for and they and their family/carers are supported effectively at each stage of disease progression or as things change. It also makes provision for those diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to be tracked, supported and provided with timely intervention as soon as their condition starts deteriorating.
The City & Hackney Dementia Service is made up of a consultant psychiatrist, geriatrician, clinical psychologists, memory clinic nurses, an occupational therapist and dementia navigators.


Clinical speciality:

Mental Health Older Adults & Dementia