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Enhanced Primary Care Liaison Service (Newham)

PLEASE NOTE: The ABT function for Newham is now delivered via the Community Integrated Mental Health Service (CIMHS).


Newham Primary Care Liaison Service 115 Balaam Street, Plaistow, London, E13 8AF
E13 8AF
United Kingdom

Opening hours
9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)
Telephone number
0208 548 5177/ 5181

How to refer to the Step-Down service
Service Users from Secondary Care Psychiatry, Crisis Resolution Team, Assessment, and Brief Therapy (ABT) team, Early Intervention Service or the Perinatal team can be identified by the psychiatrist and referred to the Enhanced Community Primary Care Service (ECPS) for follow up in specialist mental health clinics within the individual's GP Surgery. People will be seen for up to one year every 3 months to review their ongoing mental wellbeing. During the course of that year, if they need a medical review, they can be seen by a Consultant Psychiatrist within the ECPS.

How to refer to the Step Up service
Patients that need additional mental health support but that don’t meet the criteria for Secondary Care Psychiatry can be identified by their GP and referred to ECPS via ABT. The patient needs to be registered with a Newham GP and have an already diagnosed  Mental Health Condition. To access the service please speak to your consultant psychiatrist or GP.

The ABT function for Newham is now delivered via the Community Integrated Mental Health Service (CIMHS).

For CIMHS South 

For CIMHS North 

This service is the access point to non-urgent mental healthcare. Community Integrated Mental Health Service (CIMHS) North and South comprise 5 teams linked to Newham’s Primary Care Networks; bringing together primary and secondary care, local authority services and our third sector and local communities to support people with severe mental health problems, including complex emotional needs associated with a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’ and disordered eating.

These teams have taken over the functions of the former Assessment and Brief Treatment (ABT) Team and Enhanced Primary Care Liaison Service (EPCL), but this is a developing programme of Community Mental Health Transformation with further services to be added.