Alcohol Detoxification - Basic Guideline
Alcohol Detox Guidelines - Community
ADHD Treatment Pathway Guidance - Tower Hamlet

Antibiotics Policies Trust - Executive Summary
Anitbiotics Policy City & Hackney
Antibiotics Policy Newham
Antibiotics Policy Tower Hamlets

Benzodiazepine and Hypnotic Guidelines

CAMHS Rapid Tranquillisation Guidelines 
Clinical Pharmacy Standards
Clozapine Clinic Standard Operating Procedure
Community Clozapine Titration Guidelines
Clozapine Policy
Protocol for the Supply of Clozapine as Stock to Forensic  Rehabilitation Wards
Community Mental Health Medicines Policy
Compliance Aid Request
Controlled Drugs Policy
Covert Medicines Policy

Dementia Shared Care Protocol
Depot Medication Policy
Dispensing Medicines Out-of-Hours Policy 

ELSAS Prescribing Guidelines

Fridge Monitoring for Storage of Medicine - Standard Operation Procedure

Guidelines for PRN Psychotropic Medicines
Guidelines for the Inpatient Treatment of Opiate Addiction
Guidelines for the use of antidementia drugs
Guidelines for the use of Melperone
Guidelines for the use of Quetiapine XL 

Guidelines for the use of Risperidone in Management of Behavioural Disturbance in Autistic Children and Adults 
Management of Risperidone Long Acting Injection When Supplied by Polarspeed (R) Directly to Community Clinics - Standard Operation Procedure 

High Dose Antipsychotic Medication Policy
In-Patient Alcohol Detoxification Guideline
Lurasidone Prescribing Policy 

Medicines Formulary Policy
Medicines Policy
Medicines Reconciliation Policy 

Nicotine Replacement Therapy Guidelines
Non Medical Prescribing Policy

Patient's Own Drugs Policy
Patient Self-Administration Policy

Patient Group Direction for the Oral Administration of Vitamin K 

PGD Policy (Patient Group Direction Policy)
Physical Health Monitoring with Mood Stablisers and Antipsychotics - Summary
Policy and Procedure for the Safe Use of Medical Gases
Policy for the Use of High Dose Antipsychotic Medication 
Prescribing Policy for Long Acting Depot                                                                                                        

Procedure for Self-Testing of Oral Anticoagulation with Warfarin - Bedfordshire 

Procedure for the Transcribing of Medication for the Purpose of Recording Administration in CHS
Protocol for the Safe Use of Insulin
Protocol for the Safe Use of Lithium
Protocol for using Valproate in Women of Childbearing Potential and Girls 

Safe Administration of Medicines Education & E-Learning Policy
Shared Care Guideline for the Management of ADHD in Adult Patients - Luton & Bedfordshire
Unlicensed Medicines Policy 

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