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ELFT Staff Networks

Creating closer staff

Staff networks offer a place for staff to come together, share experiences and facilitate learning and development. Networks assist in the shaping and delivery of Trust strategy and policy, working to improve staff experience on specific issues relating to each network.

ELFT Staff Network Logos

We are a network of staff working together to take the ‘dis’ out of disability at work. 

By bringing disabled staff and those with long term health conditions together, we can offer mutual support and ensure the Trust has a positive and fair approach to disability in the workplace.

All Network members, disabled staff, and our allies are automatically added to our email distribution list.

The ELFT Ability network is on Twitter.

Download the ELFT Ability Staff Network Poster >>

The Race and Culture Equity (RaCE) staff network is an important forum that provides support to staff and advises the Trust on the development of services and policies in order to address inequalities and advance race equality.

Lorraine Sunduza is the Trust’s RaCE Executive Sponsor and is passionate about this agenda. Staff are encouraged to get involved in the RaCE network to help improve staff experience at work and to help the Trust to understand the diversity of its staff and how we can ensure that everyone is treated fairly. 

You can follow the ELFT RaCE staff network on Twitter

The Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans and Queer Plus (LGBTQ+) staff network provides support to staff, organises events and advises the Trust on the development of services and policies in order to address inequalities that affect the LGBTQ+ community.

It also provides an opportunity for LGBTQ colleagues to support each other, express concerns they may have, and spend time around people who understand their experiences.

The Network promotes a better understanding of LGBTQ+ inclusion and makes LGBTQ+ experiences more visible in the wider Trust. We also want to empower all employees to step up as LGBTQ+ allies and improve the workplace culture for everyone within the Trust.

The Network also has an opportunity to scrutinise the Trust’s policies and processes, feeding back any concerns, and suggesting how these can be improved. This in turn gives LGBTQ+ colleagues a critical voice and helps ensure that LGBTQ+ inclusion is embedded across the Trust. You can follow them on Twitter

This Network is lead by:

  • Richard Harwin (Health, Safety, Security and Emergency Planning Manager)
  • and Kim May Johnson (Peer Support Champion)

Contact us at

The ELFT Women's network is a forum for our female workforce to come together for network meetings, events and support. Women's Network Bulletin

It's an open and honest environment where we encourage women to talk about the things that affect them in and out of work. Through this network, we aim to discuss the barriers that women face, the reasons why and what we can do to support all women to break through them. Information related to events will be posted here and via the Trust's internal communications.

Contact or for more information about any of the ELFT staff networks or follow us on Twitter. Please join/rejoin by emailing us to receive communications.

Our Network Leads are:

Ruth Cooper, Operational and Strategic Lead for Learning Disability

Elizabeth Hearn, Modern Matron

Doris Mc Meel, Retention Project Manager

Millie Smith, Head of People Participation

Our Sponsor is :

Philippa Graves, Chief Digital Officer



This network has been created in acknowledgment of the potential diversity of work experiences that can be attributed to age.

We live in a world that seems to be changing at a phenomenal rate, probably quicker than at any other time in history. The last century has brought about technological advances that could not have been imagined in times gone by. One of the consequences of this is the very different circumstances people would have been confronted with during their lifetimes.

One of the distinctive aspects of this particular area of diversity is that we all have one! This newly created forum aims to provide support for staff and advise the trust in terms of developing policies, and practices that promote favorable working experiences for employees of all ages. We welcome the input from all.

Shyaam Teli, Transformation Pharmacist and Intergenerational Network Lead:

Dr Amah Shah is the network executive sponsor.

Email us:
Join in our conversation on twitter @ELFTIntergener1
Call or text us on: 07880080810

The climate network is a group of ELFT staff and service users with an interest in environmental sustainability and climate action. Whether you are an experienced carbon footprinter or have only just heard about this issue then the Climate Network is for you. We aim to bring people together to hear about opportunities, link up on projects, share ideas and hear about exciting developments within ELFT and the wider NHS.

Contact us on