ELFT's magazine, Trusttalk, is produced quarterly. It aims to be informative, entertaining, thought-provoking and ... fun. It is posted to all teams, members and is available in waiting areas across the Trust.

It provides a snapshot of news, innovations and developments taking place across the Trust in London, Luton and Bedfordshire. Chief Executive, Paul Calaminus, and Chair Mark Lam have a regular column where they share their thoughts on the work and activity underway in the Trust.

We also now have a digital version that you can view. See the links below:

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Trusttalk Winter 2020/21    Digital Version of Trusttalk Winter 2020/21

Trusttalk Autumn 2020        New Digital version 

Trusttalk Summer Edition 2020

Trusttalk Spring Edition 2020


Trusttalk Winter Edition 2019

Trusttalk Autumn Edition 2019

Trusttalk Summer Edition 2019

Trusttalk Spring Edition 2019


Trusttalk Winter Edition 2018

Trusttalk Autumn Edition 2018

TrustTalk Summer Edition 2018

TrustTalk Spring Edition 2018 


Trusttalk Winter Edition 2017

Trusttalk Autumn Edition 2017

Trusttalk Summer Edition 2017

Trusttalk Spring Edition 2017


Trusttalk Winter Edition 2016

Trusttalk Autumn Edition 2016 

Trusttalk Summer Edition 2016 

Trusttalk Spring Edition 2016


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