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Oxygen Training for Nurses & Nursing Associates

Oxygen Training for Nurses & Nursing Associates

For use in emergencies, end of life care and to support people with long term oxygen use (COPD) 


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In ELFT, patients may require treatment with oxygen for:

> Emergencies – to treat a unwell patient whilst waiting for ambulance
> End of Life care (if patient already maintained on Oxygen)
> People with long term Oxygen use eg COPD

  • Oxygen is a drug and should be prescribed and administered correctly
  • Hyperoxaemia (high blood-oxygen levels) can be detrimental to some patients
  • Careful titration of oxygen to appropriate target ranges enhances patient safety
  • Safe use, handling and storage of oxygen, for both cylinders and piped gases is essential to ensure patients and staff are safe

Emergency Use of Oxygen

Oxygen use in emergency situations is covered in the intermediate life support (ILS) course. Courses can be booked via OLM.

Nursing teams identified:

  • All registered inpatient nurses mental health and physical health
  • Staff based at East Ham Care Centre will receive face-to-face training.


Find a training video and handy reference guide here.

Safe Use of Oxygen and Cylinders

Find out more information below on training and who should access this training.

Safe use of Oxygen and use of Oxygen cylinders are additional courses and required where registered nurses or nursing associates may need to administer Oxygen for other treatments where oxygen is most likely prescribed for the patients.

Nursing teams identified:

  • Archer Unit (Cylinder gas)
  • Older peoples wards – Cazaubon Unit, Leadenhall, Fountains Court, Poplars, (Cylinder gas)

1. Read the Oxygen Therapy during the Coronavirus Pandemic - Support for Community and Mental Health Staff (May 2020) which is very comprehensive

2. Watch Integral Valve Oxygen Cylinder Operation training video (3m44s duration)

3. Complete “Oxygen Therapy” training with Health Education England

    a. Register with HEE and log onto the website
    b. Complete the Oxygen Therapy training that can be found here
    c. Press play in the top right hand corner to access the training
    d. Complete the assessment at the end of the training session.

All nurses must complete the three components and discuss with your ward manager

All senior nursing personnel (Band 6 and above) with responsibility for signing permits to allow engineering work on medical gas systems, especially those with responsibility for training other personnel. Face to face training is available. 

See Course Outline: Med Gas System Training for DNO

Nursing teams identified:

  • East Ham Care Centre (Piped Gas)

Contact or to arrange.

Safe Use of Medical Gases Face to Face Training (Piped Gases)

Who should access this training?
All Nurses who use piped medical gases are required to undertake yearly safe use ofmedical gases training.  

Nursing teams identified:

  • All nurses East Ham Care Centre (piped gas)

Oxygen Training for Designated Nursing Officer (DNO) Face to Face One Day

Find out more information below on training and who should access this training.

Ward Managers must ensure...

their nursing staff have undertaken the above training and direct the staff member to complete the Electronic Essential COVID-19 Training Record here (Only for safe use of oxygen and cylinders) 

If you require any further assistance in helping your teams complete the training please do not hesitate to contact nurse practitioner leads (Bedfordshire/Luton), or (London)

If you have any questions about this training plan, please contact