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Accessibility roadmap 2023-2024

We aim to make this website as accessible as possible. This roadmap was published in [month] 2023.

How we decided our objectives

As a provider of mental, community and primary care services, and a champion of inclusivity, accessibility is important to us. This website was created with accessibility as a key priority in all that we do.

The majority of our website is accessible however we know that some of our documents do not meet the accessibility requirements. The accessibility regulations do not require us to fix PDFs or other documents published before 23 September 2018, if they are not essential to the provision of our services. We do not intend to create accessible versions of these documents.

However, we are determined to achieve the objectives set in our roadmap and we will continue to improve the accessibility of the information we share. Documents on our website are created by services from all across our Trust. It is more realistic that we will be able to publish accessible content when accessibility has been considered by document authors from the start. Therefore, a key priority in our accessibility roadmap is educating more staff about accessibility.

Our objectives

  • Work with our ELFTAbility staff network to deliver internal staff campaign about accessibility. Our campaign will signpost staff to information about accessibility – why it is important and how to create accessible content.
  • Deliver information videos to share good practice on how to keep web pages accessibility friendly.
  • Instruct administrators to cease uploading PDFs on the ELFT website
  • Instruct web administrators use Word templates that make it easier to create content that is accessible.

By following this roadmap, we expect the number of non-accessible documents we publish to decrease.

Yearly accessibility audits

We get this website audited every year. We actively address all the items that the audit highlights to us. The last audit was in [month year]. Of the pages that were audited in our 2022 audit, there were some issues of non-compliance, which we have fixed:

  • We fixed some broken links
  • We fixed the colour contrast within the page template
  • We fixed the keyboard focus making it easier for visit to scan page using keyboard

For further information

For any questions or queries, please contact the Communications team us via email