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26 April 2023

Empowering Nurses: A Day of Workshops and Wellbeing at ELFT Primary Care Away Day

More than thirty nurses and primary care colleagues attended a successful nurses' away day on April 24, focused on empowering nurses to improve population health.

The ELFT primary care directorate held an away day for nurses on April 24 in East London. The event was attended by more than 30 colleagues, including nurses, paramedics, healthcare assistants, and pharmacists from all the ELFT practices. This was led by Julie Roye, Head of Nursing, and supported by Eileen Bryant, Director of Nursing. The Chief Nurse, Lorraine Sunduza, Executive Director of Primary Care, Dr. Mohit Venkataram, and Director of Primary Care, Rahul Chaudhari, were also present. 

The day was packed with workshops focusing on various dynamics of nursing, including quality improvement and projects that nurses can start to manage and focus on in primary care. The workshops aimed to encourage nurses to look beyond their day-to-day tasks and concentrate on projects that would ultimately improve population health.

One of the workshops focused on improving access for patients, streamlining access, and looking at remote and digital appointments. The other workshop looked at quality improvement and encouraged nurses to focus on projects for the next twelve months, ensuring that they keep track of their progress.

The event was crucial in showing value to healthcare professionals, including nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, paramedics, and nursing associates. It also highlighted the importance of their wellbeing, with a wellbeing session offering tips on getting discounts and free massages. The wellbeing session also included a meditation and breathing exercise session, designed to help attendees relax and recharge. 

The event was vital in benefiting patients and improving the way teams work together. By focusing on projects that improve population health and well-being, nurses and other healthcare professionals can ensure that their efforts have a positive impact on the health of their patients.

The East London Foundation Trust Primary Care nurses' away day was a resounding success, demonstrating the dedication and commitment of healthcare professionals to improving patient care and wellbeing.

"The event is a powerful testament to our commitment to healthcare professionals - nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, paramedics, and nursing associates. It's an opportunity to show them how much we value them and prioritise their well-being. It's about improving patient care by fostering a cohesive team that works together to impact the health of our patients positively," said Julie Roye, ELFT Head of Nursing for Primary Care.