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28 June 2022

An International Award for ELFT's Quality Department

The fifth International Quality Awards (IQA) took place on Thursday 23 June 2022 in London. These awards celebrate the best approaches to quality management across all industries.
THE Quality Team Award win 2022

The Quality department at East London Foundation NHS Trust is very proud to win the 2022 Quality Team of the Year award.


ELFT’s Quality department was the only health care provider to be shortlisted at this international event. The event was attended by international business leaders from all over the world and from a variety of industries including the motor industry, logistics, software, construction, and even nuclear power.  

The response to an NHS team winning was humbling with the judges highlighting ELFT’s approach to quality as “aspirational." They went on to say:  

"There is clear evidence of awesome levels of engagement with staff and patients, with a simple, pragmatic, quality approach that is cascaded throughout the organisation. 

"Not only do improvement teams include clinical staff and patients but they are also leading projects. No wonder this team are influencing the quality culture within their sector.”

The event brought together private and public industry experts to discuss issues and themes to do with quality.  

It started with panel discussions on how quality professionals are approaching the rapidly emerging technology agenda, including the opportunities and challenges for quality management and on ‘quality and society’ where the discussions were around how organisations to adapt to meet the expectations of their stakeholders and the wider world.  

It was reassuring to hear the efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in business with the CEO of the chartered management Institute, Ann Francke OBE challenging businesses to do better. 

ELFT’s Chief Quality Officer, Dr. Amar Shah, commented:

“This award is testament to the courage and passion of so many people, over so many years, to keep improving everything that we do at ELFT. 

"Healthcare has been rather late to adopt best practice thinking about how we can improve quality, so it’s a real milestone in our journey that we’ve been recognised by this international award that looks at the very best across all industries. 

"We’ve shown the value of putting quality right at the heart of what we do, staying true to this over many years, and continually looking for ways to keep improving and innovating in the way that we assure ourselves about the quality of care we provide.”

Find out more about the 2022 Quality awards by visiting the Chartered Quality Institute here.