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6 December 2022

Primary Care Webinar About the John Lewis Model on 7 December

Dr Ed Ford, GP in Somerset and Dr Mohit Venkataram discuss the John Lewis Model at The Future of Primary Care Webinar on 7 December 2022.

Are you a GP or health professional interested in knowing how to offer GPs and health staff a say in how a GP practice is run?      

On 7 December 2022 at 7 pm hear from Dr Ed Ford, GP at Minehead Medical Centre when he talks about the John Lewis business model.    

The John Lewis model gives each employee part-ownership of the surgery much more involvement when discussing how the practice is run and more power when making decisions as they are all effectively co-owners.    

Minehead Medical Centre has become the first individual GP surgery in the country to operate as a John Lewis-style employee-owned trust.    

"This model gives us the best of both worlds, where you are still salaried but you have control of your own destiny, and that applies to all staff who can take on leadership roles within the surgery," said Dr Edward Ford.

The discussion will address:  

  • The John Lewis model
  • How to offer GPs and health staff a say in how a practice is run  
  • How to protect the ongoing stability and sustainability of a practice  
  • How to make a GP surgery a more attractive place for staff to develop their careers.  


For more information on the John Lewis model click here.

Webinar Logistics

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This webinar is part of The Future of Primary Care series hosted by the primary care directorate at East London Foundation Trust (ELFT), which features leading names in the field of primary care.