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19 January 2023

Successful Fuller Stocktake Webinar

Dr Mohit Venkataram, Executive Director of Commercial Development and Executive Lead for Primary Care was in conversation with Richard Fradgley, Executive Director of Integrated Care and Deputy Chief Executive Officer on the Fuller Stocktake Report.
Fuller Report

Forty members of staff participated in a webinar on the Fuller Stocktake Report on January 19.

The webinar featured an esteemed group of speakers, including:

  • Dr. Mohit Venkataram, Executive Director and Lead for Primary Care,
  • Richard Fradgley, Executive Director of Integrated Care and Deputy Chief Executive Officer,
  • Robin Campbell, Deputy Director of Integrated Care,
  • Debbie Martin, Associate Director of Community Health Services in Bedfordshire, and
  • Jamie Stafford, ELFT Programme Director.

The webinar's agenda centered around the next steps for integrating primary care in light of the recommendations made in the Fuller Report. The speakers presented a comprehensive vision for integrating primary care, which included enhancing access, experience, and outcomes for the communities, forming integrated neighborhood teams, collaborating with people and communities, and identifying key areas to establish an environment conducive to change.

During the webinar, Robin Campbell addressed two key questions that were posed to the staff through Menti. These questions were: "Provide examples of where your teams are currently working towards the Fuller recommendations or where you have identified opportunities to do so." and "What do you believe are the critical success factors for successfully implementing the recommendations made in the Fuller report across the system and within the East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT)?"

Some staff suggested that critical success factors for implementing the recommendations made in the Fuller report include adequate and sustainable funding, strong leadership and commitment from government and ELFT, staff training and development, collaboration and partnership among organisations, regular monitoring and evaluation, and engagement and involvement of service users in the process of change.

Debbie Martin and Jamie Stafford shared case studies to show that changes can be implemented successfully and to provide examples of teams that are already working towards the recommendations outlined in the Fuller report. Debbie Martin presented a case study on the theme of "Working Together" in Leighton Buzzard, and Jamie Stafford discussed a case study on "Community Mental Health Transformation" in East London.

Dr. Venkataram said: "The focus of the webinar was to understand the challenges faced by staff, provide a safe space for them to share these challenges, and create an environment to address these issues while learning from one another.

"The case studies presented by Debbie and Jamie today provided hope that it is possible to implement changes, even though it takes time."

Richard Fradgley added: "We are already working towards the Fuller recommendations in many areas and the Fuller report provides new impetus for building on what we have done so far and moving towards more integrated working around neighbourhood ‘teams of teams’. We need to work with system partners to establish the framework that supports this change, noting that it is a complicated change process and will take time".

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