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14 July 2022

Trust Team Win Prestigious Florence Nightingale Award

The Royal Statistical Society and the Health Foundation jointly presented the Florence Nightingale Award to the Trust's Visual Analytics Team on 14 July.
Data team

ELFT’s Visual Analytics Team, part of the Informatics Department, have won an internationally revered Florence Nightingale Award for Excellence in Healthcare Analytics. 

The award is presented by the Royal Statistical Society and supported by the Health Foundation. 

The team have been recognised for their work to develop improvement-focused analytics, bringing together data from different sources in a way that helps our teams understand variation and take action to improve quality.

The new PowerBI apps are easily accessible from any device, on or off the Trust network. This now puts data at the fingertips of our staff, providing a single place to view information about quality, safety, population health, flow and team-based tasks.  

Applying co-production principles, the team used quality improvement methodology, with a series of focus groups to engage one service at a time in the development process.  

Josh Keith, Assistant Director of Data Analytics at the Health Foundation, said:  ‘The pandemic has shown us the importance of innovation in the use of analytics and data-driven technology. Better use of data and analytics will also be crucial to the recovery of the NHS and social care moving forward. The winning project is ambitious and has been shown to be effective, bringing together a wealth of information, in easily accessible forms, to help with decision making. It is also great to see the use of real-time data, and the efforts of the team in championing the good use of data across the organisation.’

 Stian Westlake, Chief Executive of the Royal Statistical Society, said: ‘Data analysts play such an important but sometimes underappreciated role in improving our healthcare systems. This year’s winning team has gone above and beyond in their use of data to improve mental and community health across their NHS trust, while ensuring patient and carers views are taken into account at every step of the process. A massive congratulations to them all.’

 On winning the award, Mohammad Forid Alom, Trust Strategic Lead for Information Analytics said:  

“The whole team are delighted to win the Florence Nightingale Award.  The ELFT approach to teamwork, coproduction and quality improvement methodology all came together to make this project a success.  So far we are very happy with the reaction the technology has received from staff and we very much hope it can help to contribute to an improved quality of life for all our service users.”  

 ELFT’s Chief Quality Officer, Dr Amar Shah said:   

“The informatics department and the visual analytics team deserve huge congratulations for their hard work in developing this new way for us all to view and use data in a single, simple way. As an organisation, we are committed to continuous improvement, and this development will enable our teams to have a better understanding of how they are doing, and what to focus their improvement effort on. This is part of a large programme of work to modernise and democratise information and insight in the Trust, to help us continue to improve the care we provide.”