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23 January 2024

Two Primary Care Practices Merge in Luton

ELFT's Kingsway Health Centre and Bramingham Park Medical Centre in Luton unite to form Kingsway and Bramingham Medical Centre.
Kingsway health centre

Kingsway Health Centre and Bramingham Park Medical Centre in Luton announce their merger into a single practice, now named Kingsway and Bramingham Medical Centre, effective from January 23, 2024. This amalgamation follows their successful integration into the East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) on October 1, 2023.

Both sites, located at 385 Dunstable Road LU4 8BY and Lucas Gardens LU3 4BG, will remain operational under the unified name of Kingsway and Bramingham Medical Centre.

The choice of the new name for the combined practices was determined through the input of the patients belonging to both practices in Luton. 

In a decisive vote, patients overwhelmingly chose 'Kingsway and Bramingham Medical Centre' as the new name for the merged practice, receiving a commanding 1,578 votes – over 73% of the total, and far surpassing 'Kingsway and Bramingham Surgery' with 388 votes and 'Kingsway and Bramingham Practice' with 186 votes.

Dr. Mohit Venkataram, ELFT Executive Lead for Primary Care, commented on the merger, saying, "The unification of Kingsway and Bramingham under one name symbolises strength and commitment of the residents and the clinicians to deliver increased primary care resilience through integration."

"These two practices, now merged, will be stronger than ever. Their dedication to serving the Luton community is commendable. This merger is a confluence of values, expertise, and a shared vision for health excellence," he added.

The union of the two practices marks a new era in healthcare for over 16,000 members of Luton's diverse community.

This merger embodies ELFT's commitment to enhancing local population health and aligns with NHS England Fuller stocktake report's priorities. It also promises high standards of care and patient satisfaction through a more cohesive and impactful approach as a pioneering Marmot Trust.

Kingsway and Bramingham Medical Centre is part of the ELFT Primary Care Directorate, which includes Leighton Road Surgery, Cauldwell Medical Centre, Newham Transitional Practice, Health E1, and Greenhouse Practice. ELFT is now provider of primary care services to nearly 65,000 people across London, Luton, and Bedfordshire.