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Cost of living

Support during the cost of living crisis

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The current cost of living crisis is having a significant impact on the lives of millions throughout the United Kingdom, and beyond.

Support is being provided by voluntary and public services to people to help with rising costs. This page has been designed to help signpost information aimed at the communities we serve. We have broken down the information by each area.

Warm Spaces and Food Havens (Food Bank)
Councils, community, and voluntary groups have set up warm spaces and food havens in all the places where ELFT has services – LutonBedfordshire, the City of London, Hackney, Newham, and Tower Hamlets.

A warm space is somewhere you can stay warm and get a warm drink. Some spaces will also offer additional activities, support or food. A food haven is where you can go to get some food to take home to cook and use. Some food havens offer a cooked meal and social gathering, often once or twice a week.

Every time you come to a warm space you'll also be given a warm welcome from the staff and volunteers there. Every warm space and food haven is a non-judgemental space; whatever the reason you have for needing to come in, you'll be treated with respect and dignity.