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Who we are

Newham Transitional Practice (NTP) is a GP practice which operates from The Centre Manor Park and Vicarage Lane Health Centre Stratford. NTP delivers comprehensive primary healthcare services on a transitory basis to residents of Newham who have experienced difficulties in registering locally with a GP.

Homeless Service

The aim of this service is to provide a comprehensive health screening programme to support the population to engage within their own health issues and most importantly the opportunity of registering with a GP. Several outreach nursing clinics are held at venues across Newham that are most frequently attended by the homeless e.g. ‘soup kitchens’.

NTP achieve well on various quality indicators set both nationally and locally. Cervical cytology uptake exceeds the national target of 80%. Uptake of childhood immunisations exceeds the national target of 95%. Patient feedback states that 96% of patients would recommend the practice to family or friends and the Practice currently has 4 stars on NHS Choices.

The Practice offer good access to patients by opening from 8.00am to 18.30pm Monday to Friday.

NTP offer direct access to the Citizens Advice Bureau on site one day a week.

They provide outreach services to Open Doors for street workers and Westbourne House bail hostel. NTP have a significant number of patients with substance misuse problems; as part of their healthcare these patients should receive a three monthly health review which the Team achieve at 100%.

Open Access



Chest infection
Chronic lung disease
Coronary heart disease
Malignant disease
Neurological conditions
Physical disability

Clinical speciality:

Community Health Services