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Fountains Court - Bedford
Merton Road,
Bedfordshire Bedford  MK40 3AF


01234 310798

Opening hours

Open 24 hours a day all year round

Fountains Court (Bedford)

Who we are

Fountains Court is a 26-bed acute assessment unit for older people with mental illness.

Fountains Court has an experienced and skilled medical and nursing team that provide 24-hour assessment and treatment.

There is also a dedicated team of occupational therapists, to assist with the assessment process. Patients will be referred to the community mental health team who will work with the staff of Fountains Court to ensure effective discharge planning and follow up after discharge.

Fountains Court is situated at the back of the Bedford Health Village and accessed via Merton Road.

Referrals are from GPs who most likely will ask a member of the Community Mental Health Team to assess the patient to see if admission is the most suitable option. Referrals can also come from the general hospital, either the inpatient wards or the A&E department.
The ward has a multi-disciplinary team including mental health nurses, clinical support workers, clinical psychologists, a consultant psychiatrist and medical staff. They work in partnership with the outpatients team, care co-ordinators, social workers and GPs to support the patient through their inpatient stay.




Clinical speciality:

Mental Health Older Adults & Dementia