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Bedfordshire Community Beds Service

We are a multi-disciplinary team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and rehabilitation support workers who provide a holistic approach and therapeutic intervention into the community beds for adults over 18 years.

Where appropriate we will liaise with the wider multi-disciplinary agencies and professionals in order to provide a person-centred approach to rehabilitation.


United Kingdom

Opening hours
24 hours, 365 days a year
Telephone number
(SPoA): 0345 6024064​

Please note, due to the high numbers of hospital admissions at present, this has created higher volumes of referrals for a community bed and so there may be a longer wait than usual. We apologise for any delays caused.

As the community beds are located within a care home setting, all staff under frequent covid-19 testing in line with Public Health England recommendations.

Rehabilitation beds:

These beds are for those that have been identified as requiring physical rehabilitation, following either an acute illness or a deterioration of a long term condition. This could either facilitate an earlier discharge from the acute setting or prevent a hospital admission from the community.

Non-Weight bearing beds:

These beds are for those who are medically fit for discharge from hospital but deemed unsafe to return home now having a Non-weight bearing status. Therapy intervention will not commence until your consultant has advised that your weight-bearing status can be progressed further. It will be at this point that you will move into a rehabilitation bed. Whilst in one of these beds, a therapist will complete a holistic assessment with you and discuss the expectations during your stay.

These community beds are situated across Bedfordshire within specific care home settings.

We provide short term therapeutic rehabilitation for a period of up to 4 weeks. During your stay, you will be seen by a member of the team who will complete a holistic assessment with you, identifying your personal goals and what is the safest way for you to achieve this in a timely manner. A safe and graded rehabilitation care plan will then be agreed, drawn up and provided to on-site staff and the Rehabilitation Support Workers who will work alongside you on a daily basis to support you in achieving your goals.

Within the first week, the Therapists will start to discuss what will be required for your discharge, this may include equipment needs*, longer-term care support or potentially a discussion about whether returning home is the most suitable option or not. Whilst this may seem early to start these discussions, when the input of other services are required, such as Social Services, a timely referral is required. There may also be the need for the team to discuss the discharge plans with your Next of Kin or other professionals.

Within the 4 weeks, if you have not reached your desired goals, the options on discharge will be discussed with you and these may include:

  • A continuation of rehabilitation within your home environment.
  • Short term (up to 5 weeks) care provision whilst long term needs are being assessed for by the local authority.
  • A long term package of care provided by the Local Authority. Please note, you will be financially assessed for this.
  • A permanent placement within a care provision setting.

Please note, the therapeutic staff work within the community and visit the bedded units as required. Please be assured the staff based at the units will continue to work with you following the care plans set up by the therapists.

*Millbrook Equipment Provision

Your equipment needs for discharge will be assessed for during your stay within the rehabilitation bed and reviewed once issued. All equipment will be issued on a free, short-term loan from our equipment company: Millbrook Healthcare.

Should you wish for alternative styles or colours to that is provided, we will not be able to offer these to you. This will require you to purchase the items yourself and install them privately. These items can be purchased from most mobility shop, pharmacy or online stores.

Should you wish to return the equipment, please call Millbrook on 0333 003 8074. This collection will then be arranged at a time that is convenient for you.