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Bedfordshire Community Beds Service

The community therapy services visit rehab bedded units to provide input, they are not based there.

We work alongside the staff within the homes to ensure there is a continuation of your therapy input when we are not present.

Rehab bedded units are predominantly at either Taymer located in Silsoe or Kimbolton Lodge in Bedford - although there are a number of CCG purchased beds dotted across the county of Bedfordshire.


United Kingdom

Opening hours
Therapy input occurs Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm
Telephone number
Call via Single Point of Access (SPoA): 0345 6024064

Rehabilitation beds can be occupied for a maximum of four weeks.

These beds are for those that have been identified as requiring physical rehabilitation, following either an acute illness or a deterioration of a long term condition.

Referrals into these beds will either be to facilitate an earlier discharge from the acute setting or to prevent a hospital admission from the community.

We provide short term therapeutic rehabilitation for a period of up to four weeks.

During your stay, you will be seen by a member of the team who will complete a holistic assessment with you, which will aid in identifying your personal goals and what is the safest way for you to achieve these in a timely manner.

A safe and graded rehabilitation plan will then be agreed with yourself and drawn up. The plan will be provided to therapy staff as well as on-site staff who will then work alongside you to support you in achieving your goals.

Within the first week, the therapy team will start to discuss what will be required for your discharge, this may include equipment needs, longer-term support or potentially a discussion about whether returning home is the most suitable option or not.

Whilst this may seem early to start these discussions, when the input of other services are required, such as those of the Local Authority e.g. Social Services then a timely referral is required. There may also be the need for the team to discuss the discharge plans with your Next of Kin or other professionals and services which may also require time to arrange.

Although our main aim is for you to return to your home environment, safely and independently at the end of your stay, the therapy team will be able to identify fairly early on if within the four weeks you will be able to meet your desired/required goals.

If it is unlikely that your goals are achievable and you are likely to be unsafe at home, then the following options will be discussed with you to ensure you are discharged with the appropriate support:

  • Return to your home environment but with a continuation of therapeutic interventions at home with the ToC Team
  • Short term (up to 5 weeks) domiciliary care provision whilst Social Services are assessing and organising a long term package of care
  • Return home with an immediate long term package of care provided by the Local Authority. Please note, you will be financially assessed for this
  • A permanent placement within a care provision setting organised by Social Services. Please note, you will be financially assessed for this

Primary Care at Home North
Twinwoods, Milton Road, Clapham,
Bedford, MK41 6AT
Primary Care at Home Mid
Shefford Health Centre, Robert Lucas Drive, Shefford, SG17 5FS
Primary Care at Home South
Queensborough House, Friars Walk,
Dunstable, LU6 3JA