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City & Hackney Recovery College

The City and Hackney Recovery College provides and supports peoples wellbeing and recovery journey through learning, education and self-care taught classes.

Our courses are designed to give students the tools they need to manage their conditions and for families, friends, carers, staff and members of the public to better understand mental health conditions and support people in their recovery journey.

Our classes are open spaces for everyone. if you would like to enrol as a student you must live, work or study within the City and Hackney catchment area.


23 Primrose Square
E9 7TS
United Kingdom

Opening hours
09:00 - 17:00
Monday - Friday
Amy Bagshaw & Courtney Hart
Telephone number
0208 525 4480

Further Information

The College is open Monday to Friday and can be contacted during the hours of 09:00 - 17:00. Our term times on average run through Spring, Summer and Autumn running on average 20 - 26 classes per time with an average of 10 - 15 students per class.

Our classes do get full quickly however we have a reserved list for if people decide to drop out or cancel. We will contact those on the waiting list.

Our classes run on average 2 hours - 3 hours and can range from a one-off to a weekly session.
Our classes are designed and taught under our philosophy of ''Co-Production'' where a professional and someone with lived experience will work together and teach alongside one another as a partnership.

We teach a variety of courses to promote, encourage and further educate students wellbeing and understanding around self-care and Recovery.

Getting Involved

Here at City & Hackney, we have a variety of opportunities where we welcome the help and support of others. If you are interested in joining us in one of the roles below then please get in touch. Peer support Tutor Tutor by Profession Volunteer help.

We have four options on how to enrol at the Recovery College:

1. Give us a call or drop us an email to enrol over the phone

Once we have all the information we will process your application form and send your letter of acceptance with all the courses you have selected and any other information required via post or email depending on your preferred selection of communication.

2. Call or email us to request an application/prospectus sent in the post or via email

All our forms are in electronic forms so you will be able to complete these online if you wish and then just email or post back to us. 

3. Call us to arrange an appointments

We now have more things going on at the college and we ask for potential students to give us a call to arrange a face to face appointment or alternatively if you can not make an appointment you can drop in every Thursday between 10:30am and 12pm at our Coffee and Cake mornings to enrol then. 

4. Attend one of our four yearly open days

We have an open day at the beginning of each term, dates and times change so we advertise our open days by posting on our social media accounts, online website and emailing community teams and local GP's. for more information around open days please contact us and we will send our more information.

Our principles and who we are:

  • Our main aim is to deliver education; giving people space to learn, develop and grow to have a better understanding of mental health. 
  • Building partnerships, trust and hope
  • Valuing co-production and working with others. 
  • Investing in hope and empowerment. 
  • Offering a supportive environment that’s free from mental health stigma and discrimination. 
  • Being positive, friendly and professional. 
  • Respecting everyone’s views and opinions. 

Our courses are based around the ethos of the 5 to Thrive principles:

  • Connect with others
  • Be physically active
  • Continue to learn 
  • Give to those around you
  • Be mindful

Co-production, co-delivery & co-learning:

Co-production is where tutors who are Experts by Profession work together with tutors who are Experts by: 

  • Experience to develop a course for City & Hackney Recovery College by setting learning objectives and developing a session plan. 
  • Having expert knowledge of the topic is most important, regardless of whether you are an Expert by Profession or Experience.
  • Each co-producer has equally valued input into the decision-making process, the course content and the production of the final session plan.  
  • Co-production means that all comments and opinions made by the Expert by Experience and the Expert by Profession are fully explored and respected. Differences of opinion are discussed and time is allowed for compromises to be negotiated. 
  • The final session plan reflects all the contributions made by each tutor during the co-production process.
  • Co-delivery means that each course is delivered by a trained tutor who is an Expert by Experience and a trained tutor who is an Expert by Profession. This means that one person is not supporting or secondary to the other and there is equality of roles.
  • Co-learning means that students who have experienced mental health difficulties learn with students who have not so that students can learn from one another’s experience.

At the college, we provide a 4-week training course for all our tutors which you must attend all four sessions prior to teaching. During the course, you will have the opportunity to present a 15-20 minute PowerPoint on your teaching skills and managing a classroom. We find this course is most effective and unites our tutors understanding of the true meaning of Co-production in a working environment.

Individual Learning Plans:

An Individual Learning Plan helps a student to identify their specific learning goals for the term and reflect on their progress. Goals can include ambitions that a student has for their personal learning and recovery journey. The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) does not have to be detailed. It provides an opportunity to discuss learning needs; decide which courses to enrol on and the kind of support that could be offered by our tutors. 

We have a variety of options below:

Request via:


Collect in person: 23 Primrose Square Hackney E9 7TS

Phone: 0208 525 4480 - main reception 

Once you have completed the form and selected your classes. you must send it back to us for it to be processed.

We will then contact you with an acceptance letter including the courses you have selected if there is space with the times and dates. You will be notified if a class is full and if you are on the reserved list. 
If your form is incomplete we will not be able to process the application so please check you have completed the form correctly.