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Crisis Therapy Service

An experienced team of health professionals, including specialist nurse therapists, psychotherapists and psychologists.

Once you've been referred, we will usually telephone you, or send you a letter, within 24 hours and invite you to contact us. When you come back to us, we will try to arrange an assessment appointment within seven days.


1st Floor Burdett House
Mile End Hospital
E1 4DG
United Kingdom

Email address
Telephone number
0208 121 5499

At your first appointment the therapist will assess your needs and decide what form of help would be of most benefit. You will be asked questions about yourself and your difficulties to enable us to understand your situation and make a decision about what course to take. If appropriate, you will be offered an agreed number of sessions in which your crisis can be discussed and thought through. Sometimes we may feel that medication, such as an antidepressant, could help you. This would be arranged through your GP or through your local community mental health team. It may become clear that you would receive more appropriate help from another service, in which case you will be given advice or referred on.

We cannot accept self-referrals. If you want to use our service please ask your GP, health visitor, social worker or other health professional to refer you.