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Diagnostic Memory Clinic (Newham)

The Diagnostic Memory Clinic is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Dementia specialists. The aim of the service is to provide a comprehensive assessment leading to a timely diagnosis.

These services assess people with memory problems so that we can detect if they have the symptoms of dementia. Early diagnosis enables people to take advantage of new treatments to slow the onset of the condition, plan their care and maintain a higher quality of life.

We work closely with the Community Mental Health Team, GP’s,  Alzheimer’s Society, and other agencies.

We share premises with the Alzheimer's Society so assessment and support are available in the same place. Support available in Newham


103 First Avenue,
E13 9AP
United Kingdom

Telephone number
020 8821 0900

This service carries out an in-depth assessment to ascertain if symptoms of memory loss could be Dementia. Dementia is the gradual loss of mental abilities such as:

  • Thinking
  • reasoning
  • remembering

It is not a disease, but symptoms such as:

  • loss of memory
  • confusion
  • changes in personality, mood, and behaviour

that may accompany some diseases or conditions affecting the brain.


  • Usually affects older people
  • becomes more common with age (most people who develop dementia are over 60
  • can develop in younger people
  • is not normal part of growing old (most older people never develop dementia)

The service will carry out an assessment to test people who have noticed that they are forgetful or who feel that their behaviour has changed.

We are a team made up of health professionals in Psychiatry, Psychology, and Dementia specialists.

This consists of medical staff, nursing staff, occupational therapists, social workers, and other health and social care roles.

Your GP or a health professional can arrange a referral/appointment to the service.

Referrals are via your GP so that a physical health screening can be carried out to rule out other reasons for memory difficulties.

Please forward any referrals to