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Learning Disabilities Intensive Support Team - Bedfordshire

The Intensive Support Team (IST) are a crisis team for Adults with a Learning Disability in Bedfordshire.

IST support people in the community who are in a mental health crisis, this could include an increase in behaviours that challenge and/or struggling to manage symptoms of mental illness.

The team consists of learning disability and mental health nurses, clinical support workers, assistant practitioners, doctors, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and physician associate.

IST’s aim is to keep people in their own home by providing intensive assessment and treatment, however when a hospital admission is required under The Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007), IST will support the individual through this to ensure continuity of care, appropriate intervention and plan for discharge is in a safe and timely manner.

IST are available Monday- Sunday between the hours of 08:00hrs and 21:00hrs, you can contact the team on 01234 310538.

If you require support out of these hours (21:00hrs and 08:00hrs), please call NHS Mental Health Crisis Line on 111 (option 2) which is a 24-hour mental health crisis line.  

For both services, you can speak to a health care professional who will direct you to appropriate advice, support and/or service for your current need.

IST’s Drop-In remains a popular feature of IST’s support to the local community - join us each Thursday at Gallones Ice Cream Parlour, 1-2 The Arcade, High Street, Bedford, MK40 1NS, 17:00hrs – 19:00hrs.


Raymond Smith Building
Twinwoods Health Resource Centre, Milton Road
MK41 6AT
United Kingdom

Email address
Telephone number
01234 310538

Self-referrals are accepted for this service. We also accept crisis referrals over the phone on 01234 310538.

This line is staffed 24 hrs a day. 

The IST is committed to providing assessment, treatment and support to individuals in their own home and/or in a safe and least restrictive environment, with as little impact on their daily lives as possible.

Where necessary, admission to hospital will be supported by the IST and post discharge follow-up in the community will be provided.

Our aim is to bring about positive changes, reduce hospital admissions, reduce behaviour that challenges and enable the patient to resume their daily life.

The following support can be provided:

  • Crisis assessment and community based treatment: Assessments and treatment can take place virtually via phone and video call, or in an appropriate community setting such as a NHS site, or your own home.
  • Short-term treatment: we focus on the immediate risks and stabilisation of a person’s mental health
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Interventions: Examples can include the following - Inclusive Communication Support, Sensory Integration Difficulties, Activity Engagement, Intensive Interaction, Positive Behaviour Support.

You can download the Referral Form.