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Learning Disabilities Specialist Community Healthcare (Bedfordshire)

Learning disabilities services in Bedfordshire and Luton are provided by Services for People with a Learning Disability (SPLD).

SPLD has a Specialist Community Healthcare Team, Intensive Support Team (IST) and The Coppice inpatient service.

Community multi-disciplinary healthcare team for people with a learning disability.


Clinical Resource Centre
Milton Road
Clapham, Bedfordshire
MK41 6AT
United Kingdom

Telephone number
01234 310589

People can self-refer and referrals can also be made by any professional working with individuals in primary or secondary health or social care.

We ask that the Referral Form is completed with as much detail as possible to help us as we screen and triage enquiries.

The team provide specialist healthcare services for people with a learning disability.

When it is not possible for people to access mainstream health services, our specialist healthcare team will intervene and either facilitate access with some extra support or if required, we will provide some clinical interventions which are more tailored to meet the needs of someone who has a learning disability and additional complex issues.

Our clinical interventions include:

Psychology – adapted therapies and Positive Behaviour Support planning

Art Therapies – Music, Art, Dance and Movement, Drama therapies.

Occupational Therapy- Sensory Processing /Integration assessments, Skills for daily living, specialist equipment.

Speech and Language Therapy – support with communication methods and dysphagia assessments

Sensory Impairment – Nursing support to access sight and hearing assessments

Health Facilitation – Nursing support to access primary care and general acute care settings

Physiotherapy – support with changes in mobility and postural care

Psychiatry – medical input and support with mental health conditions, complex behavioural issues, dementia within the LD population and monitoring of any medications prescribed.