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Newham Physiotherapy - Musculoskeletal Service

The Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Service provides high-quality patient-centred care in the community. It offers specialist assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal issues, such as back pain and arthritis, to the residents of Newham and is based at 29 Romford Road, E15 4LY.

Face-to-face appointments are offered as standard, but telephone and video consultations are available if requested.

Conditions treated

The physiotherapy service can provide assessment and management of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including:

•    Neck pain.
•    Osteoarthritis.
•    Low back pain.
•    Sporting injuries.
•    Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain.

Female black Physiotherapist walking with asian male who is on crutches in the street

29 Romford Road
E15 4LY
United Kingdom

Opening hours
Appointments are available between 08.30-16.30 Monday to Friday (last appointment time 16.00).
We have evening appointments on Tuesdays provided up to 19.00 (last appointment time 18.30)
We have Saturday morning slots from 09.00-13.00
Telephone number
020 3819 4999

Referrals to the service are made via one of two routes:

· Direct referral from your GP.

· Patient self-referral. This route enables you to access our service without an appointment you’re your GP. Click here to access the self-referral form.

What Next

All referrals are screened and prioritised by members of the physiotherapy service prior to appointments being offered to ensure they are appropriate for physiotherapy assessment and management.

All GP and Consultant referrals (Out of Borough via the GP) need to be written on an approved referral form with the fullest possible information in order to facilitate screening. Where an approved referral form is not available, a letter will be accepted so long as the appropriate GP, patient and clinical details are included. Referrals should be sent to our Single Point of Access (SPA) team.

Self-referral forms can be accessed either directly from Stratford Physiotherapy Centre or the patient’s own Newham locality GP.

The MSK Physiotherapy Service operates a clinical screening and prioritisation process with all referrals.

We offer assessment, diagnosis and treatment of MSK conditions including education, advice and exercises to maintain progress and to prevent reoccurrence of symptoms. This may include:

Face to Face assessment and treatment  
Telephone and or Video consultation
Manual Therapy
Group exercise, with online rehabilitation options  
Exercises to improve strength, mobility and proprioception
Orthopaedic Triage Service
Diagnostic radiology and injection therapy where indicated
Direct onward referral to other specialties.

Our aim is to provide high quality patient-centred care within Community Health Newham.

Assessments and treatments are evidence based with the patient kept at the centre of decision making.

Appropriate consideration is given to cost effective management in order to ensure equality of service provision irrespective of socioeconomic, ethnic or cultural considerations.

Patients are provided with timely assessment and treatment in order to aid them to fulfil their realistic health goals.

We also work closely with all referring agencies in order to fulfil the best outcome for all patients passing along the MSK Pathway.

We undertake and audit patient satisfaction and clinical outcome measures  in  order determine our success and identify further challenges and always strive to improve.