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Rosebank Ward

Rosebank Ward is a Psychatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) service for female service users. It provides a safe therapeutic environment for women in crisis or who are experiencing severe symptoms of mental illness.

Rosebank Ward is part of the East London Foundation NHS Trust, and offers 13 PICU beds.

It is located on the ground floor of the Tower Hamlets Centre for Mental Health, Mile End Hospital, and provides single-room accommodation with en-suite shower and toilet facilities. There are communal areas such as a dining area, sitting room, sensory room, and internal courtyard spaces.

The ward is decorated in soft shades to produce a calm soothing environment. Service users were involved in choosing the colours, and the style of furniture to produce a homely therapeutic environment for female inpatients to begin their recovery. Additionally, there is air conditioning to provide a constant comfortable temperature for service users.


The Tower Hamlets Centre for Mental Health
Bancroft Road
E1 4DG
United Kingdom

Telephone number
020 8121 5048/5050
Ward Manager Number: 0208 1215067
Patient Phone Number: 0208 1215045

Referrals are taken from acute in-patient wards in East London and other NHS trusts.

Call: 020 8121 5048/5050

Rosebank Ward provides assessment, treatment and support to women who are experiencing severe symptoms of mental illness.

The Rosebank Team recovery philosophy builds upon a framework of psychodynamic thinking with a trauma-informed and attachment focused approach.

We work creatively and flexibly, to make links between theory and practice, and to respond safely, appropriately and dynamically to the individual needs of women within our service.

Our whole approach is based on building up trust and using sensitive, proactive and creative approaches to support de-escalation as an alternative to the use of restraint and seclusion. People in distress can find it difficult to articulate their feelings so we encourage creative non-verbal communication techniques such as flashcards and art therapy.

We offer a number of therapeutic interventions with the goal of ensuring that the patient is cared for within the least restrictive environment, their hospital stay is as short as possible and that rehabilitation starts on their first day of admission.

All our work is evidence-based but we believe we have taken a uniquely systematic approach to implementing this in practice by integrating creative approaches into care plans. Every woman contributes to her care plan which recognizes their personal goals and identifies areas where they may need additional support and input.

As a forward thinking and dynamic service, we are able to bridge a link between acute adult services, the criminal justice system, forensic services and other specialist services such as personality disorder services, HIV teams, mother and baby units, midwifery services including the Gateway Team (especially regarding their support with care planning), peri-natal team, sexual health services, fostering a wider multi-disciplinary team working approach.

Rosebank Ward is staffed by a skilled team who have knowledge in assessing, treating and caring for women with severe and complex mental disorders. The team is experienced in providing culturally appropriate care to women from a range of backgrounds. All staff are trained in local procedures for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults and Safeguarding Children.

The Multi-disciplinary Team is made up of:

Consultant Psychiatrist
Clinical Psychologist
Modern Matron
Clinical Nurse Manager
Registered Mental Health Nurses
Ward Administrator
Occupational Therapist
Art Psychotherapist
Social Therapist
Activities Co-ordinator
Domestic staff

There is a daily timetable of activities seven days a week which includes an Art Group, Music Group, Cooking Group, Pampering Group and Aerobics among others activities. The Pampering Group is one of our most popular and well attended groups.

A Sensory Room plays a key role in helping to manage challenging behaviour and support service users in developing strategies to manage and control the way they express difficult emotions and responses. Using relaxation techniques, music and light, the room can help to de-escalate tension and reduces the need to nurse service users away from others.

There are gym facilities on site for those who want to exercise and be active.

When someone is admitted to hospital, support from family and friends during admission and after is really important. If someone is very unwell or disturbed, it may not be beneficial to visit at the start of their admission. But texts and letters are a way to express your support.

Call the ward to check if it is a good time to visit. Visiting times are from 4pm-8pm Monday-Friday and 2pm-8pm Saturday and Sunday.

There is a family visiting room in the hospital with toys and soft furnishing for children to visit their mums without having to come onto the ward. Visits with children are by arrangement with the ward manager.

We can provide bilingual workers to assist with understanding of what is happening and enhance the team’s understanding of the individual’s mental state.

Interpreters are also booked for ward rounds and other meetings. There are spiritual coordinators based in the unit.